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MC Hammer

Songs that have been Sampled

U Can't Touch This

Songs that contain Samples

Can't Touch This

Dancin' Machine

Have You Seen Her?

  • Have You Seen Her by Chi-Lites from Give More Power to the People

Here Comes the Hammer

It's All Good

  • Dusic by Brick from Brick

Let's Get It Started

  • Another One Bites the Dust by Queen from The Game


  • When Doves Cry by Prince from Purple Rain

Pump It Up

  • Get On the Good Foot by James Brown from Get on the Good Foot

Pumps and A Bump

She's Soft & Wet

  • Soft and Wet by Prince from For You

Soft and Wet

  • Soft and Wet by Prince from For You

That's What He Said

They Put Me In the Mix

  • Housequake by Prince from Sign of the Times
  • One Nation Under A Groove by Funkadelic from One Nation Under a Groove

Thrill Is Gone

  • The Thrill Is Gone by B. B. King from Completely Well

Turn This Mutha Out

  • Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) by Parliament from Mothership Connection

U Can't Touch This

Work This

  • Let's Work by Prince from Controversy