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People Under the Stairs

Songs that contain Samples

4 Everybody

  • I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth from One World


Big Daddy Brown

  • You Can Have Watergate, Just Gimme Some Bucks & I'll Be Straight by The J.B.'s from Doing it to Death

Blowin' Wax

  • A Dream Within A Dream by Glass Prism from Poe Through the Glass Prism

E Business

  • Star of the Story by Heatwave from Central Heating

Earth Travellers

Electric Laddy

Fredly Advice

  • Hard Times by Baby Huey from The Living Legend

Give Love A Chance

Intro To _The Next Step_

  • The Rite of Spring by Hubert Laws from The Rite of Spring

Jappy Jap

July 3rd

Live From the Fishbucket

  • Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is by Olympic Runners from Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is

Los Angeles Daze


San Francisco Knights

  • I Wash My Hands of the Whole Damn Deal by New Birth from Comin from All Ends
  • Keep On Doin It by New Birth from It's Been a Long Time

Secret Bonus Track Ft Eddie Van Halen

Suite For A Creeper

Ten Tough Guys

  • Put Your Hand In the Hand by Ocean from Put Your Hand in the Hand

The Cat

The Next Step

The Next Step II

  • Woman of the Ghetto (Live) by Marlena Shaw from Live at Montreux

The Suite For Beaver Pt. 2

  • Easin' In by Edwin Starr from Hell up in Harlem soundtrack

The Turndown


We'll Be There

Youth Explosion

  • Honeysuckle Breeze by Tom Scott from The Honeysuckle Breeze