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Eddie Kendricks

Songs that have been Sampled

A Date In the Rain from People. . . Hold On

Body Talk from The Hit Man

Day By Day

Each Day I Cry A Little from Eddie Kendricks

Girl You Need A Change from People. . . Hold On

Girl You Need A Change of Mine from People. . . Hold On

Going Up In Smoke

I've Got To Be

If You Let Me from People. . . Hold On

  • Illiside of Town by MOP
  • Itchy Trigger Finger by YG

Intimate Friends from Slick

Just Memories from People. . . Hold On

  • Follow Instructions by MOP

Keep On Truckin

Keep On Truckin' from Keep on Truckin'

  • Korner Groove by YBT
  • Underground by EPMD

Keep On Truckin' Pt. 1

The Newness Is Gone from Goin' Up in Smoke

  • Poppa Was A Playa by Nas