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Songs that have been Sampled

2 Hard Mutha's

  • You Can Call Me A Sucker by E 605

Eazy Duz It


Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street

Intro: New Year's E-vil

Ole School Shit


Ruthless Villain

Sippin On A 40

Still Talkin'

Tha Muthaphuckkin Real

Tha Muthaphukkin Real

Songs that contain Samples

8 Ball

Any Last Werdz

Any Last Words

Boyz In Tha Hood

  • I'm A Ho by Whodini from Back in Black


Eazi-Er Said Than Dunn

Eazy Street


Gangster Beat 4 the Street

Gimme That Nutt

  • Ashley's Roachclip (Horns Drums) by Soul Searchers from Salt of the Earth

It's On

No More Questions

  • Let's Have Some Fun by Bar-Kays from Flying High on Your Love
  • Shake Your Rump To the Funk by Bar-Kays from Too Hot to Stop

Nobody Move

  • Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt by Yellowman from Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt


  • Prelude by Parliament from The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein


  • Rocket In the Pocket by Cerrone from Cerrone Live

Sippin On A 40

  • Slippin' Into Darkness by War from All Day Music

Still Talkin'

We Want Eazy

  • Funky Drummer by James Brown from In the Jungle Groove
  • Mothership Connection by Parliament from Mothership Connection