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Slick Rick

Songs that have been Sampled

Children's Story

Hey Young World

  • Creep (Jermaine's Jeep Mix) by TLC

La Di Da Di

Mona Lisa

The Ruler's Back

The Show Ft. Dougie Fresh

Songs that contain Samples

Behind Bars


  • Stoned Outta of My Mind by Chi-Lites from Chi-Lites

Children's Story

Get A Job

I Shouldn't Have Done It

I'm Captive

It's A Boy

  • Today by Tom Scott from The Honeysuckle Breeze

Kill Niggaz

  • Cry Together by O'Jays from So Full of Love

Kit (What's the Scoop)

Lodi Dodi

Mistakes of A Woman In Love With Other Men

Mona Lisa


Sittin' In My Car

  • For the Love of You by Isley Brothers from The Heat is On
  • For Those Who Like To Groove by Raydio from Two Places at the Same Time

Slick Rick - the Ruler

Teacher, Teacher

  • You'll Like It Too by Funkadelic from Connections and Disconnections

The Moment I Feared

  • Take Me To the Mardi Gras by Bob James from Two


Why, Why, Why