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Songs that have been Sampled

Cherish the Day from Love Deluxe

Fear from Promise

Hang On To Your Love from Diamond Life

Haunt Me


  • Qu'Est-Ce Que Tu Deviens by ATK

Kiss of Life

Like A Tattoo from Love Deluxe

  • Pay Back by AZ

Love Is Stronger Than Pride from Stronger than Pride

  • My Everlovin' by Cru

Paradise from Stronger than Pride

Siempre Hay Esperenza from Stronger than Pride

Sweetest Taboo from Promise

  • Going To the Chapel by Patra

Turn My Back On You from Stronger than Pride

War of the Hearts from Promise

  • The Best Thing Goin' by K-Dee

Songs that contain Samples

Cherrish the Day

Feel No Pain

Why Can't We Live Together?