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MC Lyte

Songs that have been Sampled

Cold Rock A Party

I Cram To Understand You

Songs that contain Samples

10% Dis

2 Young For What?

All That

  • This Song Is Familiar by Funkadelic from Let's Take it to the Stage

Bad Sister


Can I Get Some Dap


Cha Cha Cha

  • Man Machine by Kraftwerk from Man Machine
  • Rocket In the Pocket by Cerrone from Cerrone Live

Cold Rock A Party

Cram To Understand U


Funky Song

  • A Funky Song by Ripple from Ripple

I Am the Lyte

I Cram To Understand U

  • A Wild and Crazy Guy by Steve Martin from A Wild and Crazy Guy

I Go On

I'm Not Havin' It

Ice Cream Dream

  • If It Don't Turn You On (You Outta Leave It Alone) by B. T. Express from Do it Till Your Satisfied

K-Rocks the House

Keep On Keepin' On

Lil Paul

Lola From the Copa

  • I Want To Make Love To You So Bad by Isaac Hayes from Chocolate Chip

Never Had Nothing Like This

Not Wit A Dealer

Paper Thin

  • 17 Days by Prince from single
  • I'm Glad You're Mine by Al Green from I'm Still in Love with You

Please Understand

  • Ease Back by Meters from The Meters
  • Sweet For You and Me by Mtume from You, Me and He

Poor Georgie

  • I Wanna Be Where You Are by Michael Jackson from Got to Be There
  • My World Is Empty Without You by Supremes from New Ways but Love Stays

Poor Georgy

  • Georgy Porgy by TOTO from ToTo


Search 4 the Lyte

  • Dazz by Brick from Good High

Shut the Eff Up! (Hoe)

Shut the Eff Up, Hoe

  • Cardova by Meters from The Meters

Survival of the Fittest

Throwin' Words At U

TRG (The Rap Game)

  • I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe by Barry White from I've Got So Much to Give

When In Love

  • Hot (I Need To Be Love, Love Loved) by James Brown from Hot!

Who's House

  • Sneakin' In the Back by Tom Scott from Tom Scott & the LA Express

Why U Wanna Get Fly