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Fatboy Slim

Songs that have been Sampled

Don't Let the Man Get You Down

Right Here Right Now

  • In and Out of My Life by ATFC

Slash Dot Dash (Dot Com)

Songs that contain Samples

Build It Up, Tear It Down

Everybody Needs A 303

Gangsta Trippin

Gangsta Trippin'

Gangster Trippin

Gangster Tripping

Give Po 'Man A Break

Going Out of My Head

Love Life

Michael Jackson

  • Escape From Noise by Negativland from Escape from Noise

North West Three

Praise You

  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Theme by Various Artists
  • It's A Small World by Disney from Mickey Mouse Disco

Punk To Funk

Push the Tempo

Right Here Right Now

Right Here, Right Now

  • Ashes, the Rain and I by James Gang from Rides Again

Rockafella Skank

Rockefeller Skank

  • Sliced Tomatoes by Just Brothers from Kashmere Stage Band Plays Originals

Santa Cruz

  • Love Loves To Love Love by Lulu from Niara

Sho Nuff

Sho' Nuff

Song For Lindy

Soul Surfin'

  • I'll Do A Little Bit More by Olympics from Ommadawn

Soul Surfing

  • I'll Do A Little Bit More by Olympics from Ommadawn

Sunset (Bird of Prey)

The Sound of Milwaukee

  • Are There Any Questions by Eddie Harris from The Reason Why I'm Talking Shit

The Weekend Starts Here

Weapon of Choice

Ya Mama