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Grover Washington Jr.

Songs that have been Sampled

A Secret Place from A Secret Place

All the Kings Horses from All the Kings Horses

Aubrey from Soul Box

Black Frost from Mister Magic

Dolphin Dance from A Secret Place

Feels So Good from Feels So Good

  • Slicker Than Most by Guru

Hydra from Feels So Good

In the Name of Love from Winelight

Inner City Blues from Inner City Blues

Just the Two of Us from Winelight

Knucklehead (Intro Strings) from Feels So Good

Lock It In the Pocket from Live at the Bijou

Loran Dance from Reed Seed

Loverman from All the Kings Horses

Maracas Beach from Winelight

  • Le Hip Hop Mon Royaume by Rocca

Marcas Beach from Reed Seed

Mercy, Mercy Me from Inner City Blues

Mister Magic from Mister Magic

Moonstreams from Feels So Good

  • Slippin' by DMX

Mr. Magic

Paradise from Paradise

  • 5 Seconds by DJ Honda
  • Le Champs De Bataille De La Vie by Koma