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Weather Report

Songs that have been Sampled

125nd Street Congress from Sweetnighter

American Tango from Mysterious Traveller

Barbary Coast from Black Market

Crystal from I Sing the Body Electric

  • Molehill and Mountain by Sole

Cucumber Slumber from Mysterious Traveller

Dream Clock from Night Passage

  • Let It Slide Intro by OC

Elegant People from Black Market

Manolete from Sweetnighter

Mysterious Traveller from Mysterious Traveller

Non-Stop Home from Sweetnighter

Orange Lady from Weather Report

River People from Mr. Gone

  • Interstellar Hydroponics by Apollo

Scarlet Woman from Mysterious Traveller

Second Sunday In August from I Sing the Body Electric

Vertical Invader from I Sing the Body Electric

Young and Fine from Mr. Gone