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Herbie Hancock

Songs that have been Sampled

Bring Down the Birds from Blowup soundtrack


Cantaloupe Island from Empyrean Isles

  • Cantaloop by US3

Chameleon from Headhunters

Come Running To Me from Sunlight

Fat Mama from Fat Albert Rotunda

Hang Up Your Hang Ups from Man-Child

  • 100 Miles and Runnin' by NWA
  • Herbal Hand by B-Line

Hidden Shadows from Sextant

I Thought It Was You from Sunlight

Joanna's Theme from Death Wish soundtrack

Ochoa Knoes from Death Wish soundtrack

Oh! Oh! Here He Comes from Fat Albert Rotunda

Oliloquy Valley from Empyrean Isles

Ostinato (Suite For Angela) from Mwandishi

Party People from Death Wish soundtrack

People Music from Secrets

Quasar from Crossings

Rain Dance from Sextant

Ready Or Not

Rock It

Rockit from Future Shock

Sleeping Giant from Crossings

Sly from Headhunters

Steppin' In It from Man-Child

Suite Revenge from Death Wish soundtrack

The Egg from Empyrean Isles

The Trailor from Man-Child

  • Aucune Solution by Fabe

Toy from Future Shock

Toys from V.S.O.P.

Vein Melter from Headhunters

Watermelon Man from Headhunters

Wiggle Waggle from Fat Albert Rotunda


You Bet Your Love

You'll Know When You Get There from Mwandishi

Songs that contain Samples

Rockit from Future Shock