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Songs that have been Sampled

DBC Takes It All

Songs that contain Samples

Blood, Sweat and No Tears

Corporate America

DBC Let the Music Play

Do You Remember This

Do You Remember This?

Don't Let Your. . .

  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words by Chocolate Milk from Action Speaks Louder than Words

Float On

Free South Africa

Getto Is The. . .

Go Brooklyn 3

  • Boogie On Reggae Women by Stevie Wonder from Fufillingness's First Finale

Go Stetsa 1

  • Lookin' Through My Window by Tom Jones from Help Yourself


Heaven Help the M.F.'s

  • Don't Worry If There's A Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go) by Curtis Mayfield from Curtis

In Full Gear

It's In My Song

Miami Bass

Music For the Stetfully Insane

  • Atmosphere by Funkadelic from Let's Take it to the Stage

No BS Allowed

Pen and Paper



  • From the Love Side by Hank Ballard from You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

So Let the Fun Begin

Speaking of A Girl Named Suzy

Talkin' All That Jazz

The Hip Hop Band

  • Get On the Good Foot by James Brown from Get on the Good Foot

This Is It Y'All (Go Stesa II)

To Whom It May Concern

Uda Man