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Freddie Hubbard

Songs that have been Sampled

Brigitte from Keep Your Soul Together

Destiny's Children from Keep Your Soul Together

First Light from First Light

Good Humor Man from A Soul Experiment

  • One To Grow On by UMC

Keep Your Soul Together from Keep Your Soul Together

Leap Frog from The Love Connection

Little Sunflower from The Love Connection

Mr. Clean from Straight Life

Neo Terra (New Land) from Windjammer

People Make the World Go Round from Polar AC

Povo from Sky Dive

  • When You're Near by Guru

Red Clay from Red Clay

Skydive from Sky Dive

Straight Life from Straight Life

Suite Sioux from Red Clay

Threnody For Sharon Tate from Sing Me a Song of Songmy

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey from First Light