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Compton's Most Wanted

Songs that contain Samples

8 Iz Enough

  • Dry Spell by Meters from Look-Ka Py Py
  • I Wanna Know, Do You Feel It by Ohio Players from Ecstasy
  • Yeah, You're Right by Meters from Look-Ka Py Py

All For the Money

  • In the Mood by Tyrone Davis from In the Mood with Tyrone Davis

Another Victim

Calm Down

Can I Kill It?

Compton 4 Life

Compton Cyco

Compton's Lynchin'

Dead Men Tell No Lies

  • Bochawa by Chase from Pure Music
  • In the Hole by Bar-Kays from Gotta Groove

Def Wish

  • Wilford's Gone by Blackbyrds from Cornbread, Earl & Me soundtrack

Def Wish II

Driveby Miss Daisy

Duck Sick

Duck Sick 2

Gangsta Shot Out

Give It Up

Growin' Up In the 'Hood

Hit the Floor

  • Doo Wa Ditty by Zapp from Zapp II
  • More Bounce To the Ounce by Zapp from Zapp

Hood Took Me Under


I Don't Dance

  • Atomic Dog by George Clinton from Computer Games
  • Dance Floor by Zapp from Zapp II
  • I Can Make You Dance by Zapp from Zapp III

I Give Up Nuthin

I Gots To Get Over

  • Playing Your Game Baby by Barry White from Sings a Song for Someone You Love

I Mean Biznez

  • Everything I Do Is Gohn Be Funky (From Now On) by Lee Dorsey from Ride Your Pony

I'm Wit Dat

Intro To _Music To Driveby_

Late Night Hype

Music To Driveby

N 2 Deep

  • Do Your Thing by Lyn Collins from James Brown's Funky People

Niggaz Strugglin

  • The Look of Love by Isaac Hayes from . . .To Be Continued

Niggaz Strugglin'

  • The Look of Love by Isaac Hayes from . . .To Be Continued

One Time Gaffled 'em Up

  • You Can Have Watergate, Just Gimme Some Bucks & I'll Be Straight by The J.B.'s from Doing it to Death

Raised In Compton

Rhymes Too Funky Pt I

  • Blow Your Head by The J.B.'s from Damn Right I Am Somebody

Slang My Keys

  • Ridin' High by Faze-O from Ridin' High

Straight Checkin' 'Em

  • Freak of the Week by Funkadelic from Uncle Jam Wants You

The Final Chapter

  • (It's Not the Express) It's the JB's Monaurail by The J.B.'s from Hustle with Speed
  • Funky Drummer by James Brown from In the Jungle Groove
  • Gimme Some More by The J.B.'s from Food for Thought
  • Hot Pants ('Original JBs' Press) by James Brown from Hot Pants

They Still Gafflin'

This Is Compton

  • Get Out of My Life, Woman by Lee Dorsey from The New Lee Dorsey

This Is Compton 2000


  • I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe by Barry White from I've Got So Much to Give