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House of Pain

Songs that have been Sampled

Jump Around

  • Jump Around Like A SelfConscious Gimp by Maladroit

Put On Your Shit Kickers

Songs that contain Samples

All My Love

All That


  • Open Up Wide by Chase from Chase

Come and Get Some of This

Fed Up

Guess Who's Back

House of Pain Anthem

  • Open Up Wide by Chase from Chase

Jump Around


On Point

One For the Road

Over There Shit

  • Get Out of My Life, Woman by Lee Dorsey from The New Lee Dorsey

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Top O' the Morning To Ya

Who's the Man?

  • Who's the Man (with the Master Plan) by Kay Gees from Keep on Bumpin & Master Plan

Word Is Bond

  • Walk On By by Cal Tjader from Sounds out Burt Bacharach