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Downtown Science

Songs that contain Samples

Catch the Wave

Down To A Science

  • God Made Me Funky by Headhunters from Survival of the Fittest

Fat Shout

  • Hot (I Need To Be Love, Love Loved) by James Brown from Hot!

If I Was

  • Papa Don't Take No Mess by James Brown from Hell
  • You Can Have Watergate, Just Gimme Some Bucks & I'll Be Straight by The J.B.'s from Doing it to Death

Keep It On

Out There But In There


  • Livin' It Up (Friday Night) by Bell & James from Bell & James

Saw You At the Party

  • Love's, Lines, Angles, and Rhymes by 5th Dimension from Love's, Lines, Angles, and Rhymes

Something Spankin' New

The Topic Drift

This Is A Visit

  • UFO by ESG from ESG