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Songs that have been Sampled

Get It On the Floor


Prayer (Skit)

Tear It Up

The Prayer IV

Where the Hood At

Who We Be

X Gon' Give It To Ya

Songs that contain Samples

Bug Out

Crime Story

  • Easin' In by Edwin Starr from Hell up in Harlem soundtrack

Do You

Dogs Out

  • Dedicated To the One I Love by Shirelles from Tonight's the Night

Fuckin' Wit' D

Get At Me Dog

  • Everything Good To You (Ain't Always Good For You) by B. T. Express from Do it Till Your Satisfied

I Can Feel It

It's All Good

Let Me Fly



Stop Being Greedy

  • My Hero Is A Gun by Diana Ross from Mahogany soundtrack

The Intro

  • Beyond Forever by Mtume from Native Son soundtrack

When I'm Nothing

Where the Hood At

  • I'll Play the Blues For You by Albert King from I'll Play the Blues for You