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Erick Sermon

Songs that have been Sampled


Boy Meets World

Do It Up

  • Theme From the Black Hole by Parliament from Gloryhallastoopid

Freak Out

Get Da Money

Hittin' Switches


Imma Getz Mine


Lil Crazy

Love Is

  • Love and Happiness by Al Green from I'm Still in Love with You


  • Turn On Some Music (1998 Reissue Outtake) by Marvin Gaye from Midnight Love

Rapper's Delight

  • Good Times by Chic from Risque


Safe Sex

  • Dance Floor by Zapp from Zapp II
  • Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye from Midnight Love

Stay Real

The Hype

  • UFO by ESG from ESG

The Hypes

The Ill Shit

  • Flashlight by Parliament from Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome
  • Funky Worm by Ohio Players from Pleasure
  • I Can Make You Dance by Zapp from Zapp III
  • It's A New Day by Skull Snaps from Skull Snaps
  • Kool Is Back by Funk Inc. from Funk Inc
  • Papa Was Too by Joe Tex from Show Me
  • Papa Was Too (Live) by Joe Tex from Live and Lively

The Payback II